This Week: Open Education Conferences & Bookmarked Links

Posted by: Kate Forrester

OER Conference

Last week we enjoyed watching the live video streams from the OER 15 conference held in Wales from our office in NYC. There were a range of thoughtful keynotes from Josie Fraser, Cable Green, Sheila MacNeill and Martin Weller, and we particularly enjoyed Kevin Mears’s wonderful sketch notes. This week we’ve been on the ground at the Open Education Global conference in Banff, Canada, presenting on a sustainable model for open content courseware.

Here are a few links from around the web that have caught our eye over the past week:

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Good to know: how does your state use open educational resources?

Interesting report outlining degree attainment at the national, state and county levels

“The Economy Goes to College” a long-term view of college educated workers

Something to think about: if every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty via Room to Read

Fascinating! The story behind the simplicity of the Creative Commons CC logo

Academics debate whether lectures are really the best way to teach students

New to OER? Check out these 10 videos curated by the OER Research Hub

News: state spending on higher education shows increase, but it still hasn’t recovered from the recession via Chronicle

Defining Open – what does open really mean?

Video: quality education is influenced by factors both inside & outside of the classroom

Story: what MIT is learning about online courses & working from home via Harvard Business Review