This Week: Creating Open Content & Other Bookmarked Links

Posted by: Kate Forrester


Here are a few links from around the web that have caught our eye over the past week, including tutorials on creating OER and an opportunity to contribute to a new open textbook:

New to OER? Check out these tutorials on how to create and modify open resources

Open access, open data, open science. What does “openness” mean in the first place?

What does it really mean to support teachers? On asking teachers what they need.

“We want to make … community college just as free and universal as high school is today” – President Obama speaking on College Opportunity.

Great chance to get involved in creating OER. Contribute a chapter to a new open textbook on International Relations. Learn more here.

What’s the point of a professor? “When college is more about career than ideas, when paycheck matters more than wisdom, the role of professors changes.” Thought-provoking article from the New York Times on the changing role of the professor.

Techstars gave panOpen a huge boost. Apply for their Fall 2015 session in NYC!

Open textbook initiative expands in Virginia with a $200,000 grant from the Hewlitt Foundation that aims to save students $5 million in year one.

“A major challenge facing the adoption of new ideas and innovative practices is that of overcoming existing socially created dispositions and values.” An important article exploring OER and what it means to educators.

5 predictions for the future of the cloud in higher education.

Reading: 7 characteristics of teachers who use technology effectively.

Have you seen this new open data resource library? You can help to make it better by adding resources!

Report: which country comes out top for skills and education? Find out here.

How digital technology is changing the university lecture.